V4 Pro Edition
Governor & AttitudeControl


stacks image 8295This is an upgraded version that brings new features to the MICROBEAST PLUS/MICROBEAST PLUS HD device. In detail these are the RPM Governor for nitro and electric helis and the AttitudeControl, that can be used as a flying aid. You can also upgrade you existing MICROBEAST PLUS/MICROBEAST PLUS HD to the ProEdition software (with costs).


The RPM Governor can be used for electric and glow helicopters. It has built in soft start and autorotation bail out function. The control it quite similar to electric speed controllers with governor function, so you simply set your throttle curves as switches for "motor off", "headspeed 1", "headspeed 2" and "autorotation bailout".

Adjustingcomplex throttle curves is not necessary anymore and the helicopter will maintain the specified rotor head speed over the whole flight. Optional the nitro governor can be also used in classic style with throttle curves and a separate switch for governor/rpm control.


AttitudeControl overs different modes of self leveling. These are "Bailout rescue mode", "3D-Mode" and "Flighttrainer mode" with angular limitation. Basically when you activate the AttitudeControl it will turn your helicopter back to level position when you release the sticks.

Some modes additionaly apply collective pitch input and lock your thrust sti in the ground direction. So the unit will turn your helicopter and keep it leveled in hovering flight regardless of how the pilot moves the stick.



stacks image 35C94FDMICROBEAST PLUS is based on the popular MICROBEAST and starts the next level of the BEASTX flybarless revolution. MEMS sensors of the latest generation measure the aircraft‘s rotational movement with unprecedented precision and transmit the data digitally and in real time to the control system. In addition the servo output is synchronized with the control loop (One-Shot control) which increases the performance even more. These new sensors are insensitive to typical vibrations of a model helicopter. The housing made of plastic composite material keeps the weight of MICROBEAST PLUS sensationally low.


stacks image 68F5B97MICROBEAST PLUS HD is designed as „Heavy Duty“ version of MICROBEAST PLUS with an additional switchable high power input. It is particularly suitable for helicopters with standard sized servos and it reflects today‘s requirements for power supply like never before. The power supply port is realized by a well proven, high-quality connector. By using the included switch, the system can be activated electronically and remains operational even if the switch is disconnected by accident. Due to this fact the high power connection may be used without the switch at all. MICROBEAST PLUS HD has a housing in aluminum composite construction.


MICROBEASTPLUS and MICROBEASTPLUSHD work with the world‘s proven EasySetup of BEASTX. The sophisticated setup can quickly be done everywhere and no expensive programming box or computer is needed. So many settings can be changed simply and easily at the flying field. Further options are available with the optional USB2SYS in­ter­face and the StudioX software package.

MICROBEAST PLUS can be kept up to date by using the update functionality and advanced pilot can thus customize the unit specifically to their needs. StudioX for Windows & Mac is available for download at

Box contents (MICROBEAST PLUS):

• Receiver connection cables
• 3M adhesive pads
• Adjustment tool
• Printed instruction manual

Box contents (MICROBEAST PLUS HD):

• Switch harness
• Power cable
• Receiver connection cables
• 3M adhesive pads
• Adjustment tool
• Printed instruction manual

Features: Servo center pulses:

• Swashplate: 1520µs
• Rudder: 1520µs, 960µs, 760µs

Servo pulse rates:
• Swashplate: 50 - 200Hz
• Rudder: 50 - 560Hz

Swashplate mixing:
• mCCPM, eCCPM: 90, 120, 135, 140
• Swash phasing (by using StudioX)

Input signals:
• Single channels
• PPM serial pulse
• SRXL (JR XBus, SUMD, M-Link...)
• Futaba S.Bus/S.Bus2 • Spektrum Remote Receiver* (DSM2/DSMX)
* with Spektrum Remote Receiver adapter

• USB2SYS Interface
• Spektrum Remote Receiver adapter

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