Meet The Align Enterprise Hobby Pilot Leslie Fernandez. This is a short video with Host Gale Align interviewing Leslie at Seaview Wings in Brooklyn, New York.
Team Page: Leslie Hernandez
Facebook: TeamAlign

Ben Storick - The Gambler flies the Align T-REX 700X under the lights Friday night at IRCHA 2018. Great flight by Ben!
Team Page: Ben Storick
Always Keep Flying!

Aaron Cole flies the Align T-REX 700X Friday night under the lights at IRCHA 2018. Let it rip Aaron!
Always Keep Flying!

Team Algin Enterprise Hobby rock Saturday's Power Hour with 6 T-REX 700XN flying at the same time. Watch Alan Szabo, Jr., Kenny Ko, Ben Storick, Aaron Cole, Darrick Chekas, and Marcus Kim race through the air avoiding each other.
Always Keep Flying!

John Dayao flys his T-REX 700X Saturday during the Align Enterprise Hobby Power at IRCHA 2018. Unfortunately, John gets a little to close the ground, wait for it!
Team Page John Dayao
Always Keep Flying!

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