Thursday, 06 October 2016 11:03

New Redesigned T-REX 150X to be release soon! Featured

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This T-REX 150X has been redesigned, fully assembled (BTF and RTF), mini size with the control feeling of a large size helicopter. This will allow you to enjoy flying in small areas. This new generation T-REX 150X is uniquely designed with high-end technology: BL Heli ESC program, Bluetooth function allow to change parameter settings via the FREE APP, Attitude mode for auto-level flight, Rescue mode for auto-level when heli is in trouble and six –axis gyro using a superior ARM Cortex-M4 32 bits processor, and more.Besides the new software enhancements, there are big improvements on the structure design, a brand new high rigidity main frame, metal CCPM swash-plate, and a standalone tail motor plug mount which allows easy maintenance. For ease of control the T-REX 150X is equipped with Attitude Mode and Rescue Mode. Enable Attitude - Self Leveling Mode to avoid flip overs during flight. Flip a switch and Rescue Mode takes over to keep the heli at a level position. These new features, and boost flying skills. Fly with Confidence! Thanks for Flying Align!

 VIDEO - "Kenny Ko" TREX 150X Test Flight 1

VIDEO - "Kenny Ko" TREX 150X Test Fight 2













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