Abilene Chopper Madness 2016

What a beautiful day considering the Texas Thunder Storm last night. Ben Storick wakes up with a display of his pilot skills at Abilene Chopper Madness 2016. Big Shout Out to everyone at Abilene RC Society who help with this FunFly, Heff's Burgers & More was a fantastic choice for dinner. Looking forward to next years event. Nothing like Texas Hospitality! Thanks Mikado USA for helping Abilene Chopper Madness with their FunFly!

Ben Storick rocks the New TREX 700X Dominator at Abilene Chopper Madness 2016. He survived the flying bugs while under the lights and smacking the TREX 700X around. He performs 12 point tic toc’s disk in and flips to do the same 12 point tic toc’s skids in, WOW!

Ben Storick 700X Night Fly Abilene Chopper Madness 2016 Team Align Enterpriese Hobby

The crowed asks for the wall, along with around the cone and Ben delivers. I believe he must have swallowed several flying bugs as I did filming this spectacular display of Ben’s flying skills.