IRCHA 2017
Ben “The Gambler” Storick ROCKS his Align T-REX 700X representing Align and Enterprise Hobby at the Battle of the Brands IRCHA 2017. Ben delivered an intense and aggressive flight choreographed to his personal selection of music. Thank you, Ben, for this stellar performance. It's clear Ben dedicates a tremendous amount of time to his practice routine. You can find more information about Ben by visiting at

George Brown discusses details concerning Align and Enterprise Hobby FREE Las Vegas Give Away at IRCHA 2017. One lucky winner will travel to Las Vegas for a 4 day, 3-night stay with private flying lessons from Alan Szabo Jr and/or Ben Storick. Visit the Align Enterprise Hobby Tent at IRCHA 2017 to enter.



The trip includes:

  1. One (1) round trip plane ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada. Flight must originate within the United States or Canada.
  2. Four (4) day, three (3) night stay in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  3. Hotel room for three (3) nights.
  4. Private flying lessons with Alan Szabo Jr and/or Ben Storick.

How to enter raffle:

  1. Must enter at least two (2) hours prior to Team Align Enterprise Hobby Saturday Demo hour. Register early to ensure you are entered.
  2. Must be a registered IRCHA Jamboree 2017 pilot.
  3. Must have a valid AMA card.
  4. Visit the Align Enterprise Hobby Tent. Take a picture in front of the Fabulous Las Vegas Banner. If a minor is registering, a legal guardian must be present at the time of registration.
  5. Check-in on Facebook at ALIGN IRCHA 2017 event and post your picture.
  6. Show your post to one of our Team Align Enterprise Hobby members who will record your IRCHA pilot number. You are now entered to win.


  1. Drawing to be held during Team Align Enterprise Hobby Saturday Demo.
  2. Winner must be present at the time of drawing.

Items to bring to Las Vegas:

  1. Helicopter and transmitter.  Larger size helicopter is preferred. We often travel with our T-REX 700X. The blades, boom, skids and tail are removed and packed in a heavy-duty shipping box.
  2. Winner is responsible for any baggage or seat upgrade fee.
  3. Lipo batteries must be carried on to plane. LIPO’s are not allowed in checked baggage. Please follow airline rules on travelling with lipo batteries.
  4. We will provide battery chargers, unless winner prefers to bring his/her own. 
  5. Be ready to HAVE FUN!

Additional Info:

  1. Winner must give at least 45-day advance notice prior to travel. This will ensure flight and room availability.
  2. If winner lives within close proximity of Las Vegas, Nevada, no airfare will be provided. If winner lives within 6-hour drive from Las Vegas, the winner may choose to drive. In this case, Enterprise Hobby will provide limit reimbursement of fuel cost.
  3. A minor may WIN; however, a legal guardian must accompany minor on the trip. Legal guardian is responsible for his or her own travel expense.
  4. No cash value. No substitution.
  5. Winner consents to his or her photo and video to be taken during flying lesson for promotional purposes.
  6. Winner is responsible for transportation to/from airport and hotel. We will drive you to and from either local or lake flying field for flying lessons. Since you will be staying on Las Vegas strip, rental car is not necessary, unless winner desires to rent a car at his or her expense.
  7. Hotel room accommodates up to 4 guests.
  8. Trip must be completed within one year of award and is not transferrable.


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