San Diego FunFly 2018

Ben Stoick "The Gambler" T-REX 700X Saturday at the San Diego FunFly 2018. Watch Ben make the T-REX 700X vanish, as he buzzes the ravine. Ben flies the T-REX 700X (RH70E35A) powered by two Align 5200mAh (HBP52004).
Team Page: Ben Storick
Facebook: Team Align
Always Keep Flying

Ben Storick takes his T-REX 700XT for a Friday flight at the San Diego FunFly 2018. Ben is flying the T-REX 700XT Top Combo RH70E35X.
Team Page: Ben Storick
Visit: Always Keep Flying

Alan Szabo Jr demos the new T-REX 600XN at the San Diego FunFly 2018. The TREX 600XN is powered by an OS55 using the OS PowerBoost Pipe running VP PowerMaster 30% nitro fuel. The new Align T-REX 600XN performance is outstanding and will be available soon!
Team Page: Alan Szabo Jr