Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016

Dylan Newby T-REX 700E DFC setup with night blades and LEDs demos Friday night at the Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016. For more information about Align Helicopters visit Enterprise Hobby at

Ben Storick TREX 700X and Mitch Marozas tandem night flight. You have to see this one as it's awesome! Way to go Ben (T-REX 700X) and Mitch you both rock your helicopters. Thanks for the show, Sautrday Night at Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016.

Ben Storick “The Gambler” demo’s the NEW TREX 150X at the Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016 Saturday night. Notice: At this time Align is not manufacturing a night version of the NEW TREX 150X. The 150X has custom night blades and lights which are not available for sale at this time. We will post if the night blades do become available for sale! Ben displays his flying skills and night and make the T-REX 150X light up the night sky! Visit: Enterprise Hobby for the latest information, to find a Dealer, or FunFly near you.

Ben Storick “The Gambler” demo’s the NEW TREX 150X at the Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016 on Friday. The NEW T-REX 150X is amazing and WOW, as we know “The Gambler” can fly! Even though the TREX 150X is able to perform all the maneuvers Ben demands, the heli is also designed for the beginner. Attitude Mode allows for easy of flight. When you’re ready you can use Rescue Mode when learning 3D flight. That’s Right! the T-REX 150X has auto bailout “Rescue Mode”, even if you are inverted the TREX 150x will flip over and level, saving you from crashing. Just Flip the Switch!

The Tic Toc Show Features Ben Storick "The Gambler" filmed at the Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016. Ben demos his TREX 700E three blade heli. The Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016 was a blast, we had fun hanging out with Ben Storick of Team Align Enterprise Hobby. We had killer time me and Dave met a lot of new people and got to hangout with our other friends. We saw the top four XFC pilots and it was awesome. Got to hangout with Ben Storick aka The Gambler and had a fun time hangout at the field and at the hotel. Hope you guys liked it and please like and subscribed. So stay tune for more news and videos.

Ben Storick "The Gambler", Rocks the TREX 700X Dominator with his NEW Canopy. Check him out when Ben “TRIMS THE BUSHES” with his T-REX 700X at the Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016. If you were not able to make it to the Southwest Heli Rodeo and see Ben fly, you can join him in February 2017 at the Fabulous Las Vegas FunFly. Visit the FunFly Section on our website