Mickey Johnston Flight Line demo Align TREX 700 Super Combo, Friday at the Fabulous Las Vegas FunFly. This event held at William Bennett R/C Airfield in February 2017. Over 100 Pilots attended this FunFly, hosted by Gold Sponsors Amain, Align, VTX Blades, Enterprise Hobby, AlignTrexStore, and Mikado USA. Many other Sponsors help provide over $10,000 in raffle prizes!
YouTube Channel: MrHeliguy68

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John demos for Team Align - Enterprise Hobby at IRACH 2016. John Fly's his TREX 700E during the Saturday Team Align Enterprise Hobby Demo Hour.


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Dylan Newby T-REX 700E DFC setup with night blades and LEDs demos Friday night at the Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016. For more information about Align Helicopters visit Enterprise Hobby at www.enterprisehobby.com

Ben Storick “The Gambler” flies the T-REX 700E to fast for the spotlights at the Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016. For more information about Team Align Enterprise Hobby visit www.enterprisehobby.com

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The Tic Toc Show Features Ben Storick "The Gambler" filmed at the Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016. Ben demos his TREX 700E three blade heli. The Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016 was a blast, we had fun hanging out with Ben Storick of Team Align Enterprise Hobby. We had killer time me and Dave met a lot of new people and got to hangout with our other friends. We saw the top four XFC pilots and it was awesome. Got to hangout with Ben Storick aka The Gambler and had a fun time hangout at the field and at the hotel. Hope you guys liked it and please like and subscribed. So stay tune for more news and videos.

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New 102T M1 Autorotation Tail Drive Gear / M1 Torque Tube Front Drive Gear Set/23T to be released for 700X, 700E, 800E!.    The brand new Autorotation Tail Drive Gear and Torque Tube Front Drive Gear have a low drive gear ratio (4.43), high strength, and wear resistance. This new design effectively reduces tail vibration during over-speed rotation keeping tail locked in improving performance and power output to prevent unexpected structure issue during flight.

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