Ben Storick "The Gambler" flying RC Helicopters in The International Car Forest located in Goldfield Nevada. Enjoy this very skilled Professional RC Helicopter Pilot fly among the cars with smoke and a crash. Sometimes things happen out of your control, and it was not Ben’s fault.

Professional RC Helicopter Pilots participate in the first KD's 50/50 Pro Challenge. Demonstrating incredible RC Helicopter 3D flight. Amazing crashes and wreckage by 5 of the 8 RC Pro Pilots. Watch Jesse Kavros, Jason Bell, Alex Rose, Alan Szabo Jr, Ben Storick, Kyle Dahl, Danny Szabo, and Nick Maxwell compete to be the first Champion of the KD's 50/50 Pro Challenge held in Queens Creek AZ at the Southwest Rodeo FunFly.

Friday, 18 January 2019 20:56

Highlights of KD's 50/50 Pro Challenge demonstrating incredible RC Helicopter 3D flight. Professional pilots compete and crash resulting in amazing wreckage.

Meet The Align Enterprise Hobby Pilot Leslie Fernandez. This is a short video with Host Gale Align interviewing Leslie at Seaview Wings in Brooklyn, New York.
Team Page: Leslie Hernandez
Facebook: TeamAlign

Ben Storick - The Gambler flies the Align T-REX 700X under the lights Friday night at IRCHA 2018. Great flight by Ben!
Team Page: Ben Storick
Always Keep Flying!

Aaron Cole flies the Align T-REX 700X Friday night under the lights at IRCHA 2018. Let it rip Aaron!
Always Keep Flying!

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