Setup process for Align new ESC’s RCE BL80X and RCE BL50X. Easy to follow directions to configure using your transmitter / radio.


Alan Szabo JR tests the Align TREX 760X during a visit to Taiwan. We visited Align's private flying field. Alan flew the new TREX 760X for testing purposes. The canopy is may not be the final version; however, you never know. This is another great flying Align helicopter from Align.
Personal Team Page: Alan Szabo Jr
Facebook: Team Align Enterprise Hobby


Alan Szabo JR visits Align Corporate Office in Taiwan to test new RC Helicopter Products to be released by Align. Flight testing is typically performed at one of other two Align outside fields; however, the TREX 150X can be flown indoors in smaller confined areas. The T-REX 150X is redesigned making this small RC Helicopter an excellent choice for beginners. The 150 GRS Gyro ESC Control System allows beginners to select predefined settings making the 150X perfect for basic simple flight. While testing a new canopy for weight, durability, and flight performance, Alan rocks the TREX 150X in the fright delivery area of the massive Align facility. Alan skips the T-REX 150X inverted across the polished concrete floor just inside the freight doors. You can see two elevator doors in the background which proudly display “Align Conquer Your Heart.”
Team Page: Alan Szabo Jr
Facebook: Team Align Enterprise Hobby

Mark Meeks fly’s his TREX 700L at Bennet Field, home of the Fabulous Las Vegas FunFly. We thought he lost all throttle control during flight, only to discover Mark was goofing around!

Ben Storick “The Gambler” demo’s the NEW TREX 150X in Las Vegas Parking Garage. The NEW 150X is amazing with outstanding tail authority! This TREX 150X is equipped with our NightGlow System. Even though the 150X is able to perform all the maneuvers Ben demanded, the heli is also designed for the beginner. Attitude Mode allows for easy of flight. When you’re ready you can use Rescue Mode when learning 3D flight.

Join AMA Multimedia Editor Chris Savage as he learns about some of the new helicopter and multi-rotor products at AMA Expo West! Align, Enterprise Hobby, and the Fabulous Las Vegas FunFly is 4:59 minute mark.

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