What happens when you are in a parking lot under a light and have the NEW Align T-REX 470LM with a charge battery? Simple, let Ben Storick “The Gambler” fly! Watch as Ben races around the light poll demonstrating the outstanding high performance of Align’s T-REX 470L. You don’t have to be as good as Ben to fly the T-REX 470L as this is very stable flying helicopter. The T-TREX 470L fly’s much larger than the actual size of this model.


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A complete review of the NEW RCC 300 Intelligent Battery Charger by Align, Part# HEC30001 presented by Darrick Chekas of Team Align Enterprise Hobby.
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Dylan Newby T-REX 700E DFC setup with night blades and LEDs demos Friday night at the Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016. For more information about Align Helicopters visit Enterprise Hobby at www.enterprisehobby.com

Ben Storick “The Gambler” flies the T-REX 700E to fast for the spotlights at the Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016. For more information about Team Align Enterprise Hobby visit www.enterprisehobby.com

Align has released a new TREX 470L Dominator Canopy for the T-REX 470LM or 470LP, Part #HC4702 . The canopy includes two grommets. Get your today!

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