Align has released a new TREX 470L Dominator Canopy for the T-REX 470LM or 470LP, Part #HC4702 . The canopy includes two grommets. Get your today!

An important notice concerning T-REX 150X Main Blade Assembly!

It's not necessary to use T43 or R48 to attach the main blades. Prior to each flight, check to ensure you main blades are attached properly.

If using T43 or R48: “While attaching the T-REX 150X main blade, please be aware the T-REX 150X main blades are made of ABS plastic material. DO NOT ALLOW T43 or R48 to come in contact with the main blades. If using T43 and R48 only apply a small amount. DO NOT APPLY to mail blade screw! Excessive use of T43 or R48 will result in T43 or R48 comming in contact on the root of the main blade surface which can result in fractures of the ABS material.“

Watch Rob Negri TREX 700N Demo Flight from Saturday at IRCHA 2016. Robert has been flying since 2010 and started with a TREX 450. We are pleased to have Rob on Team Align Enterprise Hobby.

Tuesday, 06 December 2016 23:20

Early morning look at the Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016 field, prior to our last flights, before Team Align Enterprise Hobby packs their TREX helicopters to leave for home. This was a wonderful event, hosted by a great group of people (Thanks Matt). We hope to see everyone again next year. Thanks to everyone who attended because this is what a FunFly is all about. Great Time!

Ben Storick TREX 700X and Mitch Marozas tandem night flight. You have to see this one as it's awesome! Way to go Ben (T-REX 700X) and Mitch you both rock your helicopters. Thanks for the show, Sautrday Night at Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016.

Ben Storick “The Gambler” demo’s the NEW TREX 150X at the Southwest Heli Rodeo 2016 Saturday night. Notice: At this time Align is not manufacturing a night version of the NEW TREX 150X. The 150X has custom night blades and lights which are not available for sale at this time. We will post if the night blades do become available for sale! Ben displays his flying skills and night and make the T-REX 150X light up the night sky! Visit: Enterprise Hobby for the latest information, to find a Dealer, or FunFly near you.

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