New 102T M1 Autorotation Tail Drive Gear / M1 Torque Tube Front Drive Gear Set/23T to be released for 700X, 700E, 800E!.    The brand new Autorotation Tail Drive Gear and Torque Tube Front Drive Gear have a low drive gear ratio (4.43), high strength, and wear resistance. This new design effectively reduces tail vibration during over-speed rotation keeping tail locked in improving performance and power output to prevent unexpected structure issue during flight.

Now Available the NEW RCC-300 powerful charger from Align; Provides 300 Watts - 25 Amps charge/discharge service significantly shorten the charging time. For ease of uses a convenient user-friendly touch screen interface which displays the charging status.


  • Touch Screen
  • Program Data Export/Import
  • PC Interface
  • End Voltage Controlled
  • Storage Charge
  • Maximum Safety
  • Cooling System
  • 32Bit MCU Processor
  • Discharge
  • Delta Peak Sensitive
  • Nixx Battery Cycles
  • Battery Meter
  • Safety Timer
  • Temperature Sensor

Friday, 07 October 2016 21:28

What a beautiful day with another stellar flight by Kyle Dahl at Abilene Chopper Madness 2016.  Don’t miss an opportunity to see Kyle fly in person, maybe ask him to walk his Logo down the runway, it’s impressive. Thanks for the wonderful entertainment Kyle!

This T-REX 150X has been redesigned, fully assembled (BTF and RTF), mini size with the control feeling of a large size helicopter. This will allow you to enjoy flying in small areas. This new generation T-REX 150X is uniquely designed with high-end technology: BL Heli ESC program, Bluetooth function allow to change parameter settings via the FREE APP, Attitude mode for auto-level flight, Rescue mode for auto-level when heli is in trouble and six –axis gyro using a superior ARM Cortex-M4 32 bits processor, and more.Besides the new software enhancements, there are big improvements on the structure design, a brand new high rigidity main frame, metal CCPM swash-plate, and a standalone tail motor plug mount which allows easy maintenance. For ease of control the T-REX 150X is equipped with Attitude Mode and Rescue Mode. Enable Attitude - Self Leveling Mode to avoid flip overs during flight. Flip a switch and Rescue Mode takes over to keep the heli at a level position. These new features, and boost flying skills. Fly with Confidence! Thanks for Flying Align!

 VIDEO - "Kenny Ko" TREX 150X Test Flight 1

VIDEO - "Kenny Ko" TREX 150X Test Fight 2













What a beautiful day considering the Texas Thunder Storm last night. Ben Storick wakes up with a display of his pilot skills at Abilene Chopper Madness 2016. Big Shout Out to everyone at Abilene RC Society who help with this FunFly, Heff's Burgers & More was a fantastic choice for dinner. Looking forward to next years event. Nothing like Texas Hospitality! Thanks Mikado USA for helping Abilene Chopper Madness with their FunFly!

Friday, 30 September 2016 22:05

After the storm blew thought Friday night (video to follow), Saturday was a beautiful day. We could not have ended Saturday's day of flying at Abilene Chopper Madness, any better than having Ben Storick rock it, to be followed by Kyle Dahl (Team Mikado) WOW! Kyle you nailed it, but did not eat as many bugs as Ben. Do not miss an opportunity to see Kyle Dahl fly in person. You will not be disappointed. Just wish I had the a video from earlier in the day of Kyle walking his Logo 700 down the runway.

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