Ben Storick takes his T-REX 700XT for a Friday flight at the San Diego FunFly 2018. Ben is flying the T-REX 700XT Top Combo RH70E35X.
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Alan Szabo Jr demos the new T-REX 600XN at the San Diego FunFly 2018. The TREX 600XN is powered by an OS55 using the OS PowerBoost Pipe running VP PowerMaster 30% nitro fuel. The new Align T-REX 600XN performance is outstanding and will be available soon!
Team Page: Alan Szabo Jr

Alan Szabo Jr shows off the new T-REX 700XN Combo Kit RH70N11X. The kit includes three DS820M HV Brushless Servos, one DS825M HV Brushless Servo, one DS530 Digital Servo, a B6T 2 In 1 Voltage Regulator and Align Governor Sensor. Alan is using the Microbeast Plus with firmware 5.1.2 basic. The 700XN is setup with using the Microbeast Plus Nitro Governor. The motor is an OS105 with VP Powermaster 23.5% nitro fuel powering his T-REX 700XN.
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Official UnBoxing video of the new Align T-REX 700XN Combo. The new Align T-REX 700XN is available in two in two packages the 700XN Combo or the 700XN Kit. The Align T-REX 700XN Combo includes servos whereas the T-REX 700XN Kit does not include servos. Both 700XN require an additional receiver, Flybarless Unit, and Motor such as a YS91 SRX or YS96 SRX, and YS Power Pipe.
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AMA Expo Express talks with Gale Align about Align New Products. "We caught up with ALIGN/Enterprise Hobby to take a look a the beautiful lineup of helicopters they had on display, including a brand-new 700X nitro!" Great event Come see us in November 2018 at the AMA Expo's new location the Pomona Fair Ground. We are working on a full Helicopter Night Show.

Up close and personal with Dunkan Bossion during his Saturday noon demo at Orlando Heli Blowout 2017. Dunkin Bossion rips a Goblin 700 around, nicks the main blades and then the tail in the grass. This video of Dunkan includes a regular version of his flight and "Slow Motion Replay" a must to watch. Heli damage is shown credits. Just amazing to say the least!

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