CJ Jenkins - Big Heart


11th - Align FunFly World Invitational 2017

Team Align CJ Jenkins - Big Heart

Hello, my name is Cortez (CJ) Jenkins. I live in Atlanta Georgia and I started flying rc helicopters in 1996 in my hometown Kansas City Missouri. My first helicopter was a JR Ergo 30 nitro machine. As a kid, my parents would always buy me remote control cars every year for Christmas and this is how I developed the interest and love for radio-controlled hobbies.

As a newbie in the hobby, KCMO hobbyist Davin E. Chevalier and KCPD Helicopter mechanic Darwin Ulledahl played a huge roll in my achievements in the RC helicopter. I joined Team Align Enterprise Hobby on Feb 14, 2011 and I have truly enjoyed building and flying Align T-REX models. Align helicopters are definitely World Class models. Align helicopters are very easy to build and maintain. They are very precise and agile and there definitely built to last.

I enjoy traveling to FunFly's throughout the USA, meeting and flying with other pilots who have the same passion for this wonderful Hobby as me. Here is my Helicopter lineup. Align Trex 760X , Trex 700X , Trex 700N DFC, Trex 600N DFC,  Trex 550X , Trex 500X, Trex 470L. I am truly happy with all of my models and recommend Align helicopters for everyone.  The customer support and service from the North American Align distributor, Enterprise Hobby, is the best.

From my heart to yours, enjoy your Align TREX models and Conquer Your Heart ❤.

CJ Jenkins Flight Videos

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