Marcus Kim


--- - Align FunFly World Invitational 2013
--- - Align FunFly World Invitational 2012
2nd - XFC World Championship (Tandem) 2008
--- - Align FunFly World Invitational 2007
--- - Align FunFly World Invitational 2006
7th - XFC World Championship 2006
5th - XFC World Championship 2005
9th - XFC World Championship 2004
--- - IRCHA Night Fly Champion
--- - Blacksheep Night Flight Champion

Team Align Marcus Kim

Hello, my name is Marcus Kim. I live in Columbia, South Carolina and started flying RC helicopters in 1997. My dad, Chuck Kim, taught me how to fly both RC airplanes and helicopters. I have flown Align helicopters since 2006. I have been fortunate in being able to travel as a result of the hobby and have met a lot of great friends around the world. I enjoy working on and flying Align helicopters.

Markus Kim Flight Videos

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